Directorate of Mines

Project Name: e-Mines

The project is about maintaining details of Mining Lease, Mine Owner, details of Production, Payment and Export of each mining lease. It also brings transparency in the entire process of mining by providing transitional details towards each mining lease such as Production/Extraction of ore, Exports, Challans (Royalty, Dead rent, Surface Rent, Govt Challan, RTI),Transit Pass etc. The Application also enables department to generate various reports on a click of a button.

Our Role:

Maintaining details of unpaid quantity of ore. Maintain details of unused ore. Check production against EC limit. Maintain details of payment. Verify whether payment is done through valid challans. Check if the ore to be exported is royalty paid. Maintain export details. Quick and prompt reporting system. Verify whether payment is done through valid challans. Online filing of monthly return by mine owners.

Current Status of the Project:

All proposed modules have been developed and implemented successfully.

Project Name: HRMS

• HRMS caters to all Human Resource functionalities as well as Account Functionalities.
• The system keeps a track of all the Details of the Employees, generates a complete payroll with the earnings and deduction details.
• It also keeps track of changes in pay band and other allowances for each employee.
• All pay slips would be auto generated at month end.